No more excuses!

Many people claim that they would like to start a new company, learn swimming, write a blog or play with kids etc but there is just not enough time available in the day. The most common excuse we often hear is  “There’s not enough time.” Have you been one of them? Time to stop making excuses.


Everyone gets 24 hours a day equally, whether its the President of United States or the air traffic controller at Heathrow airport. We can make most of their time by utilizing it and spend it right. Why not work on your million dollar idea instead of watching TV or mindlessly going through random social sites? Just imagine, even an hour saved per day by reducing your non-value added activities will sum up to  365 hrs ~ 15 days ~ 3 weeks of full-time job. That’s just by shifting only one hour everyday of your time. What if you shift additional non-value added hours to work on your idea?


Try it! If it doesn’t work out in the end, thats okay. You didn’t  risk or lose anything, other than a bit of time, so it’s not a big deal. Atleast you tried instead of coming up with excuses. Besides, the perfect time never arrives. Your are always too young or old, busy or broke or something else or the other. If you constantly worry about timing things perfectly, they will never happen. Time is precious, lets utilize it as we would money.


So moving forward, start tracking your time to save an hour everyday to work towards your next brilliant idea or passion. Who knows you can be the next Mark Zuckerberg. 🙂


Source: Fried, Jason, and David Heinemeier. Hansson. “No Time Is No Excuse.” <i>Rework</i>. New York: Crown Business, 2010. N. pag. Print.