Create shorter lists to meet targets

Everyone creates to-do lists. But wait, do you create a one big list or like to create smaller ones? If you create a one big list then start making smaller to-do lists from today. Long lists collect dust. When’s the last time you finished a long list of things? You might have knocked off the first few, but chances are you eventually checked off items that weren’t really done properly.

Long lists are unachievable. The longer the list of unfinished items, the worse you feel about it. And at a certain point, you just stop looking at it because it demotivates you as you feel bad. It stresses you out and the whole thing turns into a big mess. This happens with most of the people when they focus on one big list then multiple short lists.

There is a better way. Break that long list down into a bunch of smaller lists. Instead of having a one big list of fifty items, break it down into five lists of ten items each. This will help you to be on track, attain happiness and accomplishments quickly. Although you will still have the same amount of work left to do, you will see satisfaction, motivation and progress in your work. Positivity is really important to succeed than looking at the huge picture and being terrified and demoralized.

Use the same strategy with your project or personal tasks as well. Take baby steps to reach your milestone instead of making a one big jump. Divide your problems into smaller and smaller pieces until you are able to deal with them completely and quickly. This will have a great impact on your productivity and motivation.

Use project tag + to create your own bunch of to-do lists and mark your each task or item by using activity tags #. For example: create a project +healthy-monday and list down items #ran5k, #3-sets-of-biceps, #ate-salad, etc. with accomplished date and time. Divide your big list into smaller projects and see the difference.

Source: Rework, Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson