Benefits of Using Beacons for Time Tracking

Beacons infiltrated into our lives swiftly than no other technology in the recent past. These tiny devices have been changing lives for the better when they are used in museums, malls, parks and hotels and other installations.

But who knew the iBeacon technology will enter the workplace? This is the latest surprise to many. The entry of iBeacon technology into the workplace has come with numerous benefits.

Beacons for employee time tracking

The old aged ‘timesheet’ is now a thing of the past with the introduction of iBeacon technology in the workplace. Beacon can be used to effectively track employees’ time. Beacons also help to ease the hassle of checking in and out of employees. In other words, this technology will improve productivity in the workplace by effectively tracking time of employees in an organization.

What are the benefits of using beacons for time tracking?

  • No more queues

One of the benefits that companies will get for using this technology for time tracking is getting rid of the long queues in check in stations. With beacons, there will be no need to queue in these stations since time will be tracked remotely. This is specifically beneficial to large organizations with large number of employees. The long queues witnessed at check in stations are a waste of time and beacons offer the best way to get rid of them.

  • Solve travel time abuse problem

Companies usually lose a lot of money through travel time abuse and missed punches. Some employees are fond of claiming overtime whereas they never worked overtime. With the introduction of beacon technology, a company can save thousands of dollars in incorrectly paid hours.

  • Eliminate human error in payroll processing

With beacons, the human error in payroll processing of written timesheets will be a gone case. A company will not lose money as a result of human error in writing timesheets.

The above mentioned are major benefits of using beacons for time tracking. Otherwise, there are other benefits that beacons bring into play. Such benefits include:

  • Beacons help in locating staff on office premises. Employees can figure out the exact location of their colleagues and reach to them effectively without wasting much time.
  • Beacons also help employees to manage their time tasks better by reminding them of the day’s tasks.
  • The technology also helps employees to navigate easily and effectively in large organizations. This saves time and thus increases productivity.

There are still many more benefits of using beacons for time tracking. This shows the great importance of this technology in the workplace.