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Capture your happiness!

Life has many variety of flavors to offer. We do quite well by capturing some of these moments by either taking pics or selfies, videos or audios, notes or visuals. Some of them make you happy while some make you nostalgic, some of them motivates us to strive for success while some make your life satisfied and content with your past achievements. Our life revolves around these moments that help us to rise when we are failing and not lose our balance when we are at the top of our life, just like a stock index.


In one or another way, these moments of life help us connect to our past, present & future. Past recordings help us live in present and continue dreaming of future. It’s up to an individual whether he takes this in a positive or negative direction. Human mind is so complex that even if there are ninety nine ways to be happy, he will be worried of that one way that may not even affect his life. Isn’t it? If you put your life in a mathematical equation to figure out the score of happiness, I don’t think anyone will score 100%. Well, I don’t care or want to strive for 100% because striving for that is itself a worry or that 1 way of not being happy. As George Orwell rightly said, “Happiness can exist only in acceptance”, the secret sauce to be happy is to just accept it and move on…


Let’s capture these past and present moments of acceptance by tracking your time, activities and dreams that depict our future. Try TmTask to capture these moments. It works for me and may as well work for you :)

– TmTasker

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Welcome TmTaskers!

We have our first post today, woohoo!


TmTask is a lean startup that truly believes in simplicity and perseverance. We are on a mission to develop a smarter way to measure, manage and spend our time well as you see in today’s life surrounded by millions of millennials and Gen Xs that don’t have enough time to follow their passion and spend quality time with their family. Its really easy to be busy but tough to take out time for something you like doing. We are either busy going thru social media pages or reading something irrelevant to know. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Well, its the case with everyone :(.  How did this happen?


To seek this answer, I asked my grandpa of how did he manage his time and spend quality time with his family. To answer my question, he smiled and said all what he had to say to me in just one breathe, “Its simple, you don’t know the importance of anything unless you measure it.” Wow! That’s so true. It was a eureka moment for me (well, not like Archimedes in a bath tub lol). Sometimes, you have a solution next to you but unable to see it as its hidden in a blindspot but when you are told to twist your neck 90 degrees and check it, that’s where you find it :). Since that day I started taking out some time, 5-10 min a day to track my time and see where am I spending the most. To be honest, it worked! Now I get to see how I am using my time and manage it to spend well what I like doing the most. Try it! Start tracking your time and see the difference :).



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